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Production of organic American berries
Highbush Blueberry Farm

Heartily welcome on our website.

Our farm is situated on ground of Seaside Scenery Park "Nature 2000", far from industrial areas among forests and meadows. Humus and high sunlight have a great impact on the growth of our highbush blueberries. Therefore, we can offer healthy and tasty fruit without any artificial fertilizers. We have been dealing with the production of blueberries for years. It is our only speciality. We do our best to satisfy our customers with the quality of fruit.

We are the individual family farm. From the beginning, we have been using both traditional and new cultivation solutions.We also got the privilege and the honorary bagde from the Agriculture and Village Development MInister. It can be a proof of our hard work and reliability. We are trying to make all our clients to be pleased with our offer addressed not only to small but also to huge companies. We are open to different forms of co-operation. We can guarantee a continuity of delivers during the whole season, from the first months of summer to autumn.

We hope that the blueberry from our farm will soon win the hearts of all our clients abroad and in the country.

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